About The Talespinner Lounge

The Tale Spinner Lounge is a show that offers an imaginative blend of storytelling, music and art on the same stage. Each performance features talented musicians who showcase their gifts through original songs, and lyrical chords that amaze audiences. They also accompany storytellers who share tales about personal life experiences. The performance entertains patrons with humor, adventure and poignant insights about the human condition. A performance artist also joins the mix and captures the performers and story ideas by sketching the action taking place on stage.

The Tale Spinner Lounge concept emerged as a gift … a thank you … to the community.  Bill Lamperes, a former educator and author, wanted to create a presentation that would permit new artists and musicians to share their passions with the community. Bill, a long–term resident of Fort Collins, created a format to thank the community for supporting his 40 years as an educator and writer.  The Tale Spinner Lounge has emerged as a vehicle to express that appreciation.

For More information on Tale Spinner Lounge Contact Bill Lamperes

Usually the Tale Spinner Lounge dedicates its last show of the year as a fundraiser for some worthy cause.  If your organization would like us to perform for you, please contact the director, Bill Lamperes at (623) 680-1792 or Send him an Email